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instincts to sayman this I could get hit if I don’t movewhich is the case in a gameso it’s a beautiful deal you’d likewatch of conductor in a symphony who’sgot a piece band but then give him goons in bats and and and rakes andshovels coming after him can he drivebeautiful music and still avoiddifferent things while he’s getting tohis crescendo that is it he may even getknocked off that that deal but he getsback up and he where were we give methis give me this give me this give methis this this like that another phaseof training I’ll put the quarterbacksout here and I’ll take their vision awaywe call that Jedi that’s our dread Idrill and what I basically want them todo is to feel their mechanics throughtheir other senses right so my eyes areopen I can be more lackadaisical maybe Idon’t think so much about my feet but assoon as you take the lights out oh mygoodness I’m going to have to zoom in westarted doing that actually with JohnnyManziel he was the first person whotried to do that with it worked as aremedy for one particular quarterbacknow I just put that into the pot for allthe ones coming after it it just kind.