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do youhave the arm talent to take a ball anddistribute it across the field ohbetter the number one element forsuccessful quarterback play is precisionthat’s the number one thing precision isthe understanding of space timing andthe execution that’s supposed to be atthe end of this deal do I give you aball that you have to dive on the groundto get or jump up high to get or do Iget you a ball that if you’re running itfeels like I just went and just did likethat to keep running great quarterbacksthey understand the precision andprobably that’s why Tom Brady’s probablygoing to end up as the greatestquarterback arguably ever because he hasthat understanding those guys have thatunderstanding of precision to help hisplayers prepare for the relentlessphysical intensity whitefield employssome unorthodox methods I spent sometime when I was younger talking to NFLcoaches one NFL team said half of theirplays in a game did the quarterback getthe chance to go back with the past andthrow it without having to adjust ormove or dodge somebody or run only halfI thought man i’m training guyscompletely wrong we need to do somethingto get them acclimated to somedisruption so i moved to a broom i’veused the rake at different times andthrowing things at him i want theirantennae to just be live and buzzing Iwant their cognitive.